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Ruffluv pet collection is made of 100% solid wood; it offers sturdy and hefty construction for years of enjoyment for you and your pet. All wood is from verifiable sustainable sources. Featured in a variety of four multi-step, non-toxic protective finishes, our beautifully crafted pet collection is guaranteed to blend into any home decor. Choose from our pet gates and crates to suit your pet confinement needs. All pet products clean easily with a damp cloth.

Pet Gates

Our pet gates are designed with zigzag and a double jointed hinge system which allows for folding both directions and placement in anywhere in your house. Ruffluv gates are available in single panel, two panel, three panel and four panel, each with or without a door. Panels can be purchased for combined usage; create the perfect gate to fit your passageway with two different size gates!

Pet Crates

Our pet crates are designed with open slats that surround the crate and allow maximum ventilation for your pet. The slats feature mortise and tenon construction for added strength and durability. The inner floor is protected with a rubberized coating, in order to minimize liquid absorption and make for easy clean up. In addition, the Ruffluv Pet Crate features a wraparound door that swings open completely to the side of the crate, allowing optimal use of space and maximum access to your pet. The door can be set up on either side for left or right side door opening. The decorative, sturdy, steel, door latch allows you to safely confine your pet when needed. The Ruffluv Pet Crate comes with four floor protectors, to place on the bottom of the posts, to prevent damage to your floor and raise the crate up, slightly off the floor. Our pet crates are designed to double as a safe, cozy enclosure for your pet and as a decorative piece of furniture to go alongside a sofa or anywhere in your home! Check out our selection of medium and large pet crates.