Planet Bunk Bed is a leading bunk bed and children's furniture retailer. We believe our children deserve only the very best, and so we set out to become the best source for high quality, versatile and modular furniture. We want your child's bedroom to become his or her fortress.

As parents, we know how important it is to have functional and durable furniture in our child's bedroom. Children spend a lot of time in their rooms these days and, depending on their age, they need their furniture to be adaptable, so they can grow with them. They need beds they can jump on and sleep on. They need desks that have enough space to draw on, do their homework or put their computer on. They need space to host friends. And all of that, has to be fun and trendy!

We found that the solution is simple – bunk beds and modular pieces that can be mixed & matched to create the most amazing, functional spaces that are so much more than just a bedroom!

On our website you can find a variety of furniture pieces, design solutions and accessories so your child can have the best of all worlds – a room that is hip, fun to be in and also functional and durable.

Children deserve the best in everything. At Planet Bunk Bed we make sure we carry only the top and best brands so that your child can enjoy top quality furniture in his or her room.

Don't let the furniture hold you back! Our versatile products offer a wide range of interior design, modular, functional, space saving and multi-purpose solutions for any need.

A bedroom can be magically transformed into a castle or a camping tent with our variety of accessories! Have fun with your children designing their room, playground and study!