Bunk Bed Finishes & Colors Buying Guide
Can't seem to choose the color of your child's bunk bed? Read on for information and advice.

Expanditure Twin over Twin Low Bunk Bed - Attached Ladder - Panel Headboard - White Finish

Your child’s room is his or her fortress. Wooden bunk beds are a great way for your child to personalize their room because they come in a variety of finishes and colors. Find the perfect finish for your child’s bunk bed in this Bunk Bed Finishes and Colors Buying Guide.

Bunk Bed Finish Considerations

Concord Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed - White Finish

A child’s bunk bed gets a lot of use over the years. Having a good finish will not only protect the wood, it will protect your child against splinters. All of our bunk beds at Planet Bunk Bed feature a child-safe, multi-step urethane protective finish.

We know your child is your first priority. That’s why we maintain the highest safety standards and test all of our furniture. Our finishes are 100% lead-free, non-toxic, and are compliant with US Federal Hazardous Substances Act.

Types of Bunk Bed Finishes and Colors

Choosing the right bunk bed color is important to ensure the bunk bed blends well with existing colors and reflects your child’s unique personality. Below are the most popular bunk bed colors and finishes.

Cappuccino Bunk Bed Finish

Expanditure Twin over Twin High Bunk Bed with Twin Trundle - Mission Headboard - Cappuccino Finish

The rich chocolate tones of a dark cappuccino bunk bed finish are modern, but timeless. This finish compliments many different color schemes without making the room feel too dark. A cappuccino finish is great for older children who want to give their room a sophisticated vibe.

To carry the essence of sophistication throughout the entire room, a matching Camaflexi Essentials Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray provides a great place for your child to study.

Natural Bunk Bed Finish

Camaflexi Full over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle - Panel Headboard - Natural Finish

If you want to create a rustic, but classic look for your child’s room, a bunk bed with a natural finish is the way to go. This finish brings the beauty of nature indoors and brings a sense of coziness to the room. It also accommodates a variety of design choices.

To give your child the storage they need in a tight space, the 3 extra wide drawers featured on the natural finish Essentials Three Drawer Dresser helps maximize your child’s floor space.

White Bunk Bed Finish

Santa Fe Mission Tall Bunk Bed Twin over Full - Angle Ladder - White Finish

A white bunk bed finish is the perfect way to give your child’s room a youthful look. This type of white finish creates a fun and fresh feel. It also provides your child the freedom to use a bright wall paint or playful comforter without overwhelming a small space.

To keep a cohesive feel and give your child plenty of space to store their books, accessorize with a Camaflexi Essentials Wooden Bookcase.

Grey Bunk Bed Finish

Camaflexi Bunk Bed with Trundle - Mission Headboard - Grey Finish

A cool grey bunk bed finish is one of the most versatile options. Whether your child is going for an ultra-glamorous look or a bold modern look, this finish is stylish. It also let’s your child create the room that’s right for them.

To give your child their very own space to get ready and try on different looks, the tasteful design of an Essentials Dresser Mirror attaches securely to any of our three or six drawer dressers.

Final bunk bed finishes and colors buying considerations

With a Planet Bunk Bed wood bunk bed, your child can find the perfect bunk bed finish to fit their personality. From a rustic wood to a fresh white, your child will be protected with our child-safe protective finishes.

Check out our top-quality bunk beds for your child’s room.